Airtightness Tape - Gerband 386 - 60 mm


Airtightness Tape - Gerband 386

Roll Size: 60 mm x 25 meter

Gerband 386 seals all common roof-lining membranes and facade membranes
with closed and slightly rough surfaces outdoors. Gerband 386 adheres very well
to wood, bricks and non-sandy concrete surfaces.
The adhesive tape may be used for the bonding and sealing of overlaps, joints,
and round or angular penetrations of diffusion-open or diffusion-tight roof-lining
membranes in pitched roof and facade areas according to DIN 4108 part 7. It may
also be used as repairing tape for small damage or rips in roof-lining membranes.
Gerband 386 is very resistant against humidity, diffusion-open, and UV-resistant over a period of 4 months even under direct solar radiation. Gerband 386 may therefor be used for cold-sided bonding.

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